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Fall River, Massachusetts 

Rocket to the Moon on this ‘Space-tacular’ Structure

  • Custom designed a space themed play structure
  • Hand crafted multiple planet toppers, a rocket, and moon climbers
  • Constructed the playground to include an ADA climber and moon panels


The planners for this project wanted something that would excite children and really pique their interest in space. They have an old courthouse that had been converted into a children’s museum. Being an old courthouse, there was a room with a high ceiling, so they needed something that would fill the room, and accommodate to allow all children to play.


Following standards set by the CPSC and ADA, our team designed a themed playground structure to be integrated into the designated space. The centerpiece of the room is to be the custom playground structure with space themed accents. Our artists sculpted a giant Saturn topper to sit atop a 4’ platform. There is also a rocket, sitting amongst 5 other sculpted planet toppers, that looks ready to blast off. Children can climb the textured moon climbers or access the structure via the ADA accessible platform. Every piece, from the textured moon panels, colors of the planets and large rocket shaped centerpiece were crafted to spark kids' imaginations and provide a safe play experience.


With the textured moon climbers and panels, the playground lends to sensory play. Children can build confidence and develop their strength as they climb the moon climbers, and ascend to the rocket. Every kid will want to be the next astronaut to rocket to the giant Saturn that sits atop the 4’ platform. A space-tacular playground for an awesome space themed exhibit.

Next Step

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To see the playground idea used for this project, please click on the link below.

Space Station