Callegari Park - Texas Project / Projects

Katy, Texas

A Community Park Boasting with Amenities 

  • Provided two green frog sculptures and five stump steppers
  • Nature themed play for little ones to enjoy
  • High quality construction ensuring many years of enjoyment


The planners for Callegari Park in Katy, TX wanted to offer more to their community by creating a space where more than just the neighborhood could gather. They wanted a place the entire district could enjoy while spending time with their families. By adding unique and exciting features and amenities, they feel they could satisfy the many needs and wants of the people.


Encouraged by the bright colors, little ‘leap froggers’ will be excited to hop over giant amphibians, as they make their way to the tree stumps. Following the nature theme, the park also includes a butterfly garden. Children will be asking to visit this park every day.


At the new Callegari Park, children and families are able to interact in a wide variety of hands-on activities. There are slides, swings, climbers, exercise equipment for adults, along with multiple shaded spots and pavilions. The two realistically detailed green frogs and five tree stump steppers seem to fit right in their new home. The colorful pattern of the frogs attract children and stimulate the imagination, while the stump steppers offer a chance for them to test their balance as they hop along each one. 

Next Step

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To see the items used in this project, click on the links below.

Tree Stump Steppers     Colorful Frogs