1st Bank & Trust - Oklahoma Project / Projects

Broken Bow, Oklahoma

History and Culture Frozen in Time

At the 1st Bank & Trust in Broken Bow, Oklahoma, visitors are greeted as they enter by a large, stalwart bison. The bison is the sturdy and robust wanderer of the plains that provided a livelihood for the first Native Americans that made Oklahoma their home. Our talented artists fabricated the life-sized bronze sculpture that guards the entrance to the bank. We are an industry leader in the fabrication of sculpted animals. With 100,000 square feet of manufacturing space, Stromberg and The4Kids have consistently produced first rate statues, sculptures and larger-than-life-sized reproductions of animals in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Museums, amusements parks and retail locations have all used our services for their most important four-legged fabrications. 

  • Over 30 years of sculpting first rate animals
  • Equipped to perfectly reproduce existing pieces at any scale
  • Life-Like Animal Sculptures
  • Customizable Designs


Our design team loves to create custom pieces that will draw in a crowd. We needed to create a custom animal sculpture that represented the history of their town, Broken Bow. The bank branch wanted a bronze finish so that they knew this sculpture could stand the heat and stand out. 


The artists hand sculpted a beautiful replica of a large male bison. They created the mold, and bronzed the final piece. Our design team delicately craft animal sculptures for many different venues, which are true works of art. At The 4 Kids, a creative team of artists, sculptors, designers, and engineers work hard and pay close attention to detail. We strive to create truly unique pieces that provide awe to everyone and make our customer’s dreams come true.


The artists in The 4 Kids' studios created a life sized bison made from bronze. Attention to detail is what we are about. This bank will be recognized by all patrons passing through. They will see that this bank is honoring their state’s history.

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