Windham Towers / Playgrounds

Play on the Grander Scale

With incredible detail crafted by The 4 Kids, The Windham Towers play structure is sure to be a hit with children of all ages. This playground is nothing like your typical wooden play set, as it is completely covered in gfrc to ensure long lasting, safe play. It features multiple levels, slides, climbing, and crawling opportunities for kids of all ages to enjoy. Children can develop their strength and learn through play as they explore the many bridges and tunnels this structure has to offer.

Parents will appreciate the careful thought that has gone into this design, while children will simply be thrilled to climb up and slide down from multiple levels, again and again. This playground, like all the play equipment we offer, is completely customizable. If you have a better idea or would like something added or moved, just let us know. Our team of experts can work with you to create a one-of-a-kind setup, as well. Our playgrounds are perfect for schools, restaurants, playgrounds and more.

  • Two sets of monkey bars, Eight slides, and Two Fireman Poles
  • Made using GFRC
  • High quality, durable materials require little or no maintenance
  • Playgrounds are given a natural looking finish

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Contact us to find out how our experts can help you design the ideal playground, or simply get a free consult for your space. Our playgrounds are perfect for schools, restaurants, playgrounds and more. 

Material: Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete   

Color: As Shown (Color may vary from image)

Use Zone 88'10"L x 53'6"W


Check out the individual pieces that make up this playground