Water Park Spray Sculptures / Documents

What are spray sculptures?

Spray sculptures are designed as water play features for spray parks, spray grounds, aquatic play pads or water playgrounds.

They are at home in conventional park environments, water parks, and poolside or in zero-depth aquatic play areas.

Spray sculptures combine art with water movements. Depending on the use area and design, the water can be flowing, misting or jetting, from a little water flow to a drenching spray.

Spray Sculptures are designed to be beautiful. To look great with your surrounding architecture and design, while offering fun and excitement to your project. 

Spray Sculpture products offer flexibility to your design. They allow you to expand or change the design. Spray Sculptures by The4Kids offer a cool oasis for play. The interactive sculptures and water features are ideal for city parks, plazas, resorts or hotels. From a simple water feature to a small neighborhood splash park to a spectacular water park attraction, Spray Sculptures from The4Kids offer fun and entertaining art that you can play with.

Standard, Customized and Fully Custom Spray Park Features and Sculptures

With The4Kids Spray Sculptures, you can design the splash park you want. Select from the World's largest collection of great spray sculptures and water features. Or, if you don't see the sculpture you want, contact us and we will build a custom design spray park feature, just for you.

Designing a Spray Park

You can combine the Spray Sculptures in various ways and groupings. The design flexibility allows you to position the play sculptures as you imagine for your project. To help you with the design process, The4Kids offers examples of different splash park configurations and combinations.

Spray Sculptures by The4Kids offer a cool oasis for play. Sometimes you don't have room for a full blown water spray park or you want a water feature for passersby to interact without getting soaked. By selecting appropriate nozzles and water flow Spray Sculptures can be used in public spaces where people are not in bathing suits. The light mists and smaller water streams can be great for public parks, city plazas, zoos and amusement parks.

Safety & Quality

All of The4Kids products are built to last. Products are GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), fiberglass or stainless steel.