Splash Park Sculptures CSI Section 11 6840 / Documents

Part 1 – General

  1. Summary
    1. Section includes: including required fittings, hardware, and accessories.
    2. Furnish and install supplementary attachment and accessories as shown in drawings for a complete and secure installation. Pumps and plumbing are not part of this section.
  2. References
    1. Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design.
    2. ASTM F1487-11 – Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specification for Playground Equipment for Public Use.
  3. Submittals
    1. Product Data: Submit product data, specifications and manufacturer’s installation instructions.
    2. Shop Drawings: Submit shop drawings for Architect’s review and approval prior to fabrication. Shop drawings should include pertinent details for installation, layout plan, attachments, supports, and adaption of system to specific project.
    3. Samples: Submit a minimum of one 4” by 4” sample of the material selected.
    4. Test Data: Submit a summary of testing conducted verifying performance characteristics.
  4. Quality Assurance
    1. Source: Provide water feature as identified in the plans as produced by The 4 Kids Inc. Substitutions are not permitted.
  5. Field Measurements
    1. Installer shall verify that field measurements are as indicated on shop drawings. Advise of any changes before fabrication and indicate measurements on Shop Drawings.
    2. Coordination: Coordinate location of piping, anchors, and surfacing.
  6. Delivery, Storage, and Handling
    1. Deliver materials and product in unopened factory labeled packaging.
    2. Store products in manufacturer’s unopened packaging, protected from damage until ready for installation.

Part 2 – Products

  1. Manufacturers
    1. Acceptable Manufacturer: The 4 Kids; 4400 Oneal, Greenville, TX 75401. ASD. Tel: (903) 454-9237. Fax: (903) 454-3642. Email: info@the4kids.com, www.the4kids.com
    2. Substitutions: Not permitted.
  2. Materials and Products
    1. Products to be as indicated in drawings.
    2. The finish shall match the sample.
    3. All play sculptures and water features shall have the following properties
    4. Construction: The feature shall be manufactured from molded fiberglass, GFRC, stainless steel, and other materials resistant to pool chemicals. Armature shall be stainless steel or bronze.
    5. Finish shall be resistant to UV sunlight and chlorinated water and suitable for installation in spray parks, water parks, and swimming facilities.
    6. Cast-in anchoring plates shall be 304 stainless steel.
    7. Piping and/or tubing shall be corrosion resistant.
    8. Fasteners and anchors shall be bronze or type 304 stainless.
    9. Colors: shall be as available from manufacturer’s color chart or special colors upon request.
    10. Colors shall be ultraviolet stabilized to inhibit fading.
  3. Performance Requirements
    1. The aquatic play sculpture/water features performance shall meet or exceed the following properties.
    2. Flame Spread ASTM E-84: 0 Maximum smoke development: 5. Maximum fuel contribution: 0.

Part 3 – Execution

  1. Preparation
    1. Verify that site conditions are ready to receive work and dimensions are as indicated on shop drawings.
    2. Verify correct spacing of plumbing fixtures.
  2. Installation
    1. Installation Manual and supplementary instructions shall be supplied by manufacturer.
    2. Install in accordance with applicable code and manufacturer’s recommendations, secure, and plumb.
    3. Attach with type 304 stainless steel bolts.
    4. All sculptures shall be installed in proper location and in accordance with the approved Shop Drawings.
  3. Adjustment
    1. Adjust water flow as required.
  4. Cleaning
    1. If sculpture is solid during installation, clean all dirt and marks from sculpture using water and detergent and as per manufacturer’s recommendations.
End of Section