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The National Lekotek Center

Founded in 1980, The National Lekotek Center provides therapeutic play to more than 6500 families every year, via 20 affiliates. The center provides a wide range of family oriented services to families with disabled children. These include toy libraries and Compuplay sessions, toy evaluations and consults with toy manufacturers. The center also offers family play sessions, parental support and home visits, among other resources for families.

Playing to Learn

The National Lekotek Center works to enable friendships between children of all abilities and to build awareness through play. Playground equipment that is built to promote participation from children with and without disabilities makes it simple for children and families to bond. Both professionals and parents can use the therapeutic play philosophy to encourage children to learn and grow together.

Playgrounds for Everyone

Like Lekotek, The 4 Kids is proud to provide carefully designed play equipment for children of all ages and abilities. Our products encourage children to learn and enjoy time spent together with each other and their families. Nothing breaks down barriers like a common toy and our designs are exciting for everyone to play on.