How to Create an Epic Play Area / Documents

Recipe for an Epic Play Area

Together we’ll evolve the concept and design and create a truly great play area. The climbing, playing, hugging, and admiring come afterwards! This is gonna be fun! 

How do you build an epic play area?

Step by Step: 

1) Listening and Learning

First we get to know you, your community, your dreams and ideas, wants and needs. This lets us understand your goals for the playground.

2) Start with the End in Mind

What do we want people to do, to feel in this play scape? What lasting impact do we want this to have on people young and old? We keep focused on this throughout all stages of design, production and construction. 

3) Concept

Working from what we have learned in the first step, combined with our experience and ideas from the best playgrounds in the world, we recommend concepts.

Quality, safety, and maintenance are also reviewed. We think about all possible ways to maximize visitor fun, excitement and create an epically happy play experience. 

Design and Prototyping

Once we all have an approved concept, we will complete the plans and designs. We start prototyping models and maquttes. These are designed to assist in visualization of the play space, check for problems and ensure an epic final product. 


We build play spaces from a variety of materials. The primary materials are:

  •   GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete)
  •   Architectural Fiberglass
  •   Molded Polyethylene
  •   Steel

We are obsessive about quality, and we perform multiple test and independent third party reviews. We complete all safety testing. 

The 4 Kids Persnickety Approach to Quality

  •   Appearance: The best looking play areas and play components in the world.
  •   Safety: Designed, built and installed to be safe. Third party reviewed and approved to meet or exceed all safety standards.
  •   Overbuilt: Built to last and last for years.
  •   Quality Construction: Features work as they should. We use materials that last.
  •   Delivery and Construction: Our crews install on time, on budget, and to the client’s satisfaction. Always! 

About Us:

The 4 Kids is a division of Stromberg, the world’s leading supplier of themed architectural products.

  •   35 Years of experience
  •   Thousands of successful projects
  •   Over 180,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facility
  •   The largest GFRC manufacturer in the world

Clients and Commissions

  •   Perot Museum
  •   New York Subways MTA
  •   Freedom Tower, New York
  •   National Museum of the American Indian
  •   The Smithsonian
  •   Fosters Tree House, El Paso, Texas
  •   Apple Cupertino
  •   Universal Studios
  •   Disney World
  •   Disney Land
  •   Disney Animal Kingdom
  •   Atlantis Resort
  •   Caesar’s Palace
  •   Windstar World Casino
  •   Opryland, Tennessee
  •   The Pentagon
  •   Texas State Capitol
  •   George Bush Airport
  •   Seattle Children’s Hospital