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CSA: Creating Safety Standards That Work

The Canadian Standards Association provides standards for companies to measure up to. This makes everything from playgrounds to workplaces safer for the public. Without these standards in place, it would be possible for anyone to create a playground with any materials they could find, at great risk to the children playing there. Through the CSA, companies are held to specific regulations that ensure consumer products are safe enough to be used.

The association has been making the world safer since 1919, expanding beyond the borders of Canada to provide aid on codes and regulations in other countries. As the largest Canadian standards development organization, CSA works with companies to evaluate new products and help manufacturers create the best products possible. From testing to audits, the association helps companies produce quality products.

The 4 Kids designs and builds playground equipment that meets high standards of safety and durability. Our focus is on making play spaces secure for children of all abilities. Like CSA, The 4 Kids aims to keep the public as safe as possible. We check and double check our designs to ensure that it is all family friendly, long lasting and reduces any risk of injury. Children can play and learn freely with our equipment.