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CPSC: Keeping the Public Safe

CPSC stands for Consumer Product Safety Commission, a government organization that promotes public safety by monitoring products and reporting recalls. The organization offers guidelines for manufacturers and builders to use while designing, building, running and maintaining play areas for children within the community, as well.

Preventing Injury and Death

CPSC is responsible for keeping the public safe and preventing unreasonable risk of injury or worse. The organization looks at products that range from toys to household cleaners and has been a significant force in the reduction of accidental injuries and deaths involving consumer products over the past four decades. CPSC checks the security of a wide range of products and helps prevent the $1 trillion damages that occur every year, thanks to property damage, injuries and even deaths that occur from consumer products.

The 4 Kids strives to create products that meet all safety guidelines. We offer secure playground equipment that conforms to CPSC guidelines and ensures that children can learn and play securely. With products designed for all abilities, we work hard to help parks and agencies create high quality areas where anyone can spend time and enjoy the great outdoors without unreasonable danger.