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ASTM: Dedicated to Public Safety

The American Society for Testing and Materials develops standards for testing a wide range of materials used in consumer products. The organization regularly releases updated standards every few years to ensure the industry stays on top of public safety. With more than 12,000 standards used globally, ASTM is dedicated to ensuring that companies around the world are providing safe, quality products.

ASTM regulates many areas, including playgrounds. There is a need for strict standards in playground equipment, to ensure that children are not at risk of being injured as they play. The design of the equipment is just as important as the materials used.

Here at The 4 Kids, we want all children to have the opportunity to enjoy playing without fear of being hurt. All of our products are designed to meet the stringent standards necessary for play equipment. We only use materials that are safe for children and the environment; materials that hold up well under all types of weather and constant usage. Our products meet the standards and guidelines set forth by ASTM, to ensure public safety, no matter where our equipment is installed.