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American Trails: Making Fitness Fun

American Trails promotes conservation of high quality trails, as well as greenways. The national non-profit makes full use of partnerships and education to help members create spaces that can be thoroughly enjoyed by the community. The walkways and trails designed with the help of American Trails are meant to be areas where families can enjoy fresh air, exercise and fun together. The foundation has been involved in trail funding, training advocates for trail creation and conservation, as well as technical assistance since 1988. Through the years, American Trails has worked to create a healthier environment for all ages.

Making Trails More Family Friendly

The 4 Kids is committed to encouraging families and communities to be more active together. The products we offer are designed to entice children to climb and play as they enjoy trails, paths and parks with their families. Our products are meant for constant use and are a great way to make an ordinary walk something extraordinary.

Our play products are created with fun, physical activity and education in mind. The 4 Kids shares the family values that American Trails promotes and creates products that will get kids moving and learning while doing so. Trails instantly become more exciting when there is a dinosaur or tree house just around the corner. Every walk becomes a journey of discovery and exploration, making it the ideal pastime for the whole family.

Like American Trails, The 4 Kids is dedicated to improving family fitness and bonding time and all our unique products reflect this. Give us a call today and we will be happy to assist you in choosing the right playground structures to add fun to your trails.