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Accessible Playgrounds for Everyone

Accessible Playgrounds is a site designed to help landscaping professionals and school officials create play areas that every child can enjoy. The site provides information and resource listings on how to best design a playground for all abilities. The project also provides information and detailed reviews of specific pieces of play equipment. Overall, it is a valuable resource for families and communities alike. With the information presented on the site, it is possible to plan out a great place for children to just be children, no matter what their abilities are.

The main goals of the project are to educate communities on how to build an accessible playground and to help parents find the right place to play with their children. Everything from planning and fund-raising to actually building the park is covered by the website.

The 4 Kids is dedicated to seeing that every child has an opportunity to play outdoors. Our equipment is universally designed and we can provide custom structures that meet more specific needs. Everything is tested and approved before we even consider selling it, so you can be sure that all the products are top quality and up to current standards for playground safety and equipment.