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Bring prehistoric to your park. This gigantic T-Rex Rock is a tyrannosaurus rex atop a sculpted piece of rock. Water rains down from the top for children to run under and get soaked. This could also be used as a feature without water. This dinosaur sculpture will be the focus of any playground and create a playspace that intrigues the imagination. T-Rex is known for his 5foot long skull full of meat-tearing teeth. While this t-rex is as friendly as ever, kids can still enjoy the realistic look of the king of dinosaurs. The 4 Kids' Tyrannosaurus Rex playground sculpture is a magnificent, true to life work of art for use on playgrounds and parks. Perfect in a dinosaur theme park, the Tyrannosaurus stands high, overlooking a landscape of delighted children.

  • Custom created in realistic detail
  • Made of glass fiber reinforced concrete for super strength
  • High safety, low maintenance
  • Perfect addition to any park

Use Zone: Based Upon Dimensions

Mounting Options: See Typical Installation Details 

T-Rex Rock
Fully Customizable