Sign 43 / Products

Simplicity itself, this beautiful design from The 4 Kids is crowned with a contemporary peak, making the attractive sign structure something special for displaying signage while setting the tone at every location, be it museum or theme park, courthouse or farm market, military base or baseball field and everything in between. A broad, expansive text plate can beautifully accommodate any size, style or font and the one of a kind design highlights the message with eye-catching panache. Available in 3, 4, 5 and 6 feet tall versions, clients are able to add an additional one foot 3 inches by choosing to mount the signage on an impressive brick base. The expert team of artists and designers at The 4 Kids Greenville, Texas studios are eager to discuss specifics of your signage needs and preferences in order to customize your sign for size, shape and color. Noticed by everyone no matter where they are placed, these sign designs are particularly loved by property owners and staff because of the quality craftsmanship that ensures virtually no maintenance in all weather conditions, even snow, ice and even salty sea spray.

  •          Glass fiber reinforced concrete construction
  •          Customized designs
  •          American made
  •          Possibilities for placement are endless
  •          High quality, low maintenance
Sign 43