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The Shelby Bollard Planter is a multifunctional site amenity that offers eye appeal and added safety. It’s crafted from sturdy glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC), which is known for its strength as well as its resistance to impact, making it an ideal option for prohibiting parking, diverting traffic, or defining off-limits areas. The grapevine design makes this planter a lovely choice for restaurants and cafes, but it’s also perfect for public gardens and resorts. We will customize this to any size, no matter how small or large.

• Offered in many colors, including white (shown)
• Available in several finishes, including concrete, stone, and realistic
• Experts in site amenities on hand to answer questions
• Project quotes are free

Material: Check Our Brochure for Material Options 

Color: Custom colors available 

Mounting Options: Bollard Mounting

Shelby Bollard Planter