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This Pteranodon is ready to welcome you with open wings

At Dinosaur theme parks, visitors want to interact with fascinating creatures that once roamed the earth.  What better way to do that than by saying hello to one at the entrance, or strolling through a whole herd of them on the walkways, or even stopping to read the signs they display at regular intervals.  The 4 Kids Pteranodon Post Topper designs are so lifelike you’ll have the urge to move out of their way as they take flight off the utility post where they have perched.  An awesome way to set the stage for fun and add a level of excitement to a theme park, playground, fun center or entertainment venue while enhancing the décor and building the magic, The 4 Kids Pteranodon Post Topper is a captivating design from a team of talented experts who are masters of creating works of playground art.  Naturally hued, the pteranodon sits ready to take flight off the perch, mesmerizing kids and adults alike.  The design is especially loved by park staff, since it is so well crafted that it requires virtually no maintenance, even in ice, snow, extreme heat and sea salt spray.

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Pteranodon Post Topper
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