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Great addition for an island theme venue

Adding a generous measure of fun to the functionality of utility posts, The 4 Kids Palm Tree Post Topper design makes a trip along a Safari theme park walkway lined with posts more like a walk through the jungle itself.  So realistically replicated that the palm fronds invite admirers to touch and see if they are real.  Supporting a handy surface for use as a stool or tabletop, the palm tree post topper’s intense color matches the hues of Nature and details are lifelike and authentic, kicking up the level of panache and excitement as part of park, playground, entertainment venue, museums or even zoo décor schemes.  The possibilities are endless for palm tree topped utility posts, at entrances or exits, as directional markers, or wherever there is a need to define spaces in any venue - indoor, outdoor, commercial, community – with style.  Outdoors, The 4 Kids post toppers really perform, since superior craftsmanship and materials ensure an indestructible finish that resists damage in all kinds of weather conditions, even salt spray from the ocean.  Custom designed by expert playground artists, the Palm Tree Post Toppers are superb!

  • Renowned playground design team
  • Customized playground structures
  • Highest quality, low maintenance
  • Meticulous detail and intense color

Click Here to see this Palm Tree as a Stool

Palm Tree Stool Post Topper
19.75" x 19.75" x Post Height