Nautilus Shell / Products

The 4 Kids team of artists, designers and engineers who conceive of the astonishing playground creations from this superior playground manufacturer in Greenville, Texas, don’t limit themselves to playground equipment alone.  Stunning décor elements that are perfect replicas for any theme, including this delicately ridged nautilus shell, are masterpieces that serve to kick up the fun factor for a variety of locations.  This shell is an ideal completer piece of the decorating plan for adventure parks or playgrounds, including Pirates, sea life, beach themes and any number of possibilities that are enhanced by this superior work of art from the studios of The 4 Kids.  At ten inches high and over eight inches long, this beautifully crafted shell is also a unique and breathtaking piece for home or retail décor, and durable for indoor or outdoor placement.  The sculpture is constructed of top quality, tough and weather resistant material and sits on a base for convenient placement anywhere, and can be customized according to specific client needs.


  • An enthralling accent piece for themed décor plans
  • Crafted with superior material for low maintenance
  • Beautifully designed by artists in play sculpture
  • Customized designs based on client preference
  • A perfect replica of an authentic nautilus shell

Add a unique water feature to your venue, and everyone will "Ahh". This is a great addition to any building or water park attraction. Check out Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, where we made several of these shells as fountains.

Nautilus Shell
8"L x 3.5"W x 10"H