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Moose are solitary animals, and live in different parts of the world. They are big and brown, and known to be the largest of the deer species. This Moose Sculpture is life sized at almost 8 feet long and over 6 feet high. Every child will be dying to play with this sculpture, and tackle the challenge of climbing him. It would provide a great photo op at any location. Engaging children in nature, they can get an up close experience with this magnificent creature. This sculpture would be great in zoos, outdoor sports stores, theme parks, and nature themed playgrounds. We have many wild life animal sculptures to choose from. Create your own themed playscape by giving us a call today.

  • Customized playground designs
  • Indoor and Outdoor Parks
  • Great for Lake Parks
  • Lifelike design, virtually indestructible
  • High quality, safe and superior design
Moose Sculpture
7'11"L x 2'1"W x 6'7.5"