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This monkey with her baby would make a wonderful addition to any zoo.

Decorative posts are excellent ways to define spaces at theme parks, zoos, family recreation centers and indoor or outdoor playgrounds. Making the posts an essential part of the décor is as simple as adding the crowning touch, unique and amazing post toppers from The 4 Kids playground manufacturer in Greenville, Texas.  This little Monkey With Baby Post Topper kicks up the fun during a visit to the zoo, an animal playground or a nature theme park, greeting visitors with a friendly gaze that captivates and charms park goers.  The toppers are created in realistic detail that is engaging and lifelike, and are custom made based on the specific needs of park planners.  The 4 Kids team of designers, artists and engineers are renowned for their gallery worthy works of playground art as well as superior construction.  Virtually maintenance free in all weather, this fascinating post topper will delight visitors to your family fun venue for years to come.

  •          Client ideas come to life in The 4 Kids studios
  •          The 4 Kids is a team of expert playground artists and designers
  •          Lifelike monkey cradling a baby puts the fun in functional post toppers
  •          Initial consultation with professionals is free
  •          Enhances themed décor for commercial parks and playgrounds

Click Here to see Monkey with Baby as a Sculpture

Monkey With Baby Post Topper
24"L x 21"W x 31"H