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More fun than a barrel of monkeys

More fun than a barrel of monkeys, The 4 Kids Monkey Stool Post Topper is a one of a kind design that puts two little monkeys supporting a stool top design at the top of a utility post in theme parks, zoos, wildlife or jungle museums for a delightful décor accent that never stops. The stool post topper has the monkeys presenting a handy stool to passersby, as it helps to greet visitors to indoor or outdoor playgrounds, parks, family fun centers and a wide array of venues, increasing the levels of fun and excitement while blending beautifully with a superior interior or exterior décor plan. Imagine a collection of these capricious creatures grouped around a picnic table, greeting you as you enter or showing you directions by supporting signage.  It doesn’t matter if The 4 Kids Monkey Stool Post Topper is located indoors or outdoors, since its superior finish and tough exterior is virtually maintenance free in ice, snow, even salt spray or any weather condition. Designed by renowned experts in playground sculpture, The 4 Kids Monkey Stool Post Topper is a true work of playground art.

  • Customized designs by experts
  • Functional and charming
  • High quality, low maintenance
  • Lifelike and fascinating

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Monkey Stool Post Topper
21.5" x 21.5" x Post Height