Long John Silver Sculpture / Products

Wooden leg, eye patch, hook, and sword, all the things that define the pirate mystic, can be found in the Long John Silver Sculpture from The 4 Kids. Legendary and exciting, one of the swashbucklers of the high seas, Long John Silver, is thrilling to kids and adults of all ages and is especially impressive standing tall for all to admire in a pirate themed park or playground. Playground art that inspires fantasy make believe which places imaginative kids in the middle of seafaring adventures, searching for treasure or walking the plank, is exactly what designers at The 4 Kids had in mind when they created Long John. Custom designed and weather resistant, he is the perfect pirate playmate.

  • Five finishes available, from a realistic look to bronzed
  • Custom created with your specific requirements
  • Expert design, superior construction
  • Low maintenance, high fun factor


Long John Silver Sculpture
48.75"L x 43.5"W x 70"H