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The stately Holmeswood Bollard is an ideal way to divert traffic, define an off-limits area, or guide pedestrians. Crafted from sturdy material made to resist impact, weather, and even salt spray, this security post adds an extra measure of safety in a way that accentuates your property and existing site amenities. The 4 Kids team will mold this to any size you need, and we offer many colors and finishes. Don’t weigh down your school, shopping complex, museum, or office building with heavy looking, non-decorative security barriers add an ornamental bollard instead.

• Just one of many styles we offer, from planter bollards to illuminated security posts
• Fast turnaround time on most orders
• Friendly staff on hand to guide you
• Custom design and color projects welcome

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Color: Custom colors available 

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Holmeswood Bollard
2'1"D x 3'H