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Welcome your guests with a flock of flamingo post toppers

Pink flamingos just naturally conjure up visions of tropical places, sandy beaches, friendly company and great fun!  That’s exactly what The 4 Kids Flamingo Post Topper was designed to do as it perches capriciously on top of a post that can be used in tropical theme parks or family resorts, animal or zoo facilities, children’s fun parks or playgrounds or anywhere that draws people looking for a fun, family friendly play experience.  The flamingo is so well designed it will have everyone wondering if it’s real before they realize it supports park walkways, defines spaces or displays signage, blending and enhancing the themed décor plan and delighting visitors. While the design dazzles, the craftsmanship impresses park planners and staff, since superior construction renders The 4 Kids Flamingo Post Toppers virtually maintenance free, durable and weather resistant in all conditions. Ensure that your park is welcoming and exciting from entrance to exit with high quality post toppers such as this flamingo, created by playground artists to meet specific client needs.

  • Renowned team of playground artists, sculptors and designers
  • Custom created according to client needs
  • Crafted for high quality looks and design, low maintenance
  • A great way to set off utility posts for walkway borders or directional signs

Click Here to see this Flamingo as a Sculpture

Flamingo Post Topper
25.25"L x 15.5"W x 34"H