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A day at the zoo is a dream come true for youngsters everywhere, and it’s even more exciting when the zoo has a playground where kids can blend their natural love of animals with the fun of an awesome set of swings.  The 4 Kids Elephant Swing, decorated in realistic detail with gallery worthy elephant head sculptures created by the expert team of playground artists, designers and engineers in the Greenville, Texas studios, offers kids hours of fun at the park or zoo.  Perfect for playgrounds that are part of animal theme parks and zoos, safari fun centers, commercial indoor or outdoor playgrounds, this swing set ensures that youngsters enjoy this favorite of all playground activity on a safe and secure swing structure.  Crafted by experts with glass fiber reinforced concrete, known among playground manufacturers as the smart concrete, the swing set is constructed using the most stringent safety standards.  Virtually maintenance free, the swing set is weather resistant in all conditions, even saltwater spray areas.

  •          Customized Elephant Swing is an awesome play experience
  •          Perfect as a zoo playground feature, enhanced by elephant accents
  •          High level of safety, low maintenance requirement
  •          Ensures fun play activity as part of a Zoo day
  •          Have a need for Elephant Swings?  Consult with the experts for free.
Elephant Swing
17'4" x 3'4" x 6'7"