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Dinosaurs on the playground might sound like the plot of an adventure movie, but to kids, it’s an exciting dream come true when it is The 4 Kids dinosaur playground sculptures like the Definitive collection which includes this astonishing Definitive Apatosaurus.  So authentically designed you would believe it is real, if it weren’t only two feet tall and 51 inches long.  Kid-sized and realistic-looking, the Apatosaurus is a welcome playmate for little ones at the Dinosaur Park, themed splash pad, indoor or outdoor commercial or community playgrounds.  Once the Definitive Apatosaurus finds a home in your park, you can be certain of years of exciting playground adventure for kids, and easy maintenance for staff.  The talented team of artists at The 4 Kids ensures long life and durable service with a superior, dependable construction process that is tough and weather resistant, even in saltwater and scorching heat.  Standing along to welcome visitors to the Dino theme park, or as part of a virtual prehistoric jungle of dinosaurs, the Definitive Apatosaurus is impressive.


  • Custom crafted playground equipment from The 4 Kids
  • Tough, weather-resistant construction process
  • Realistic replicas of amazing dinosaur designs
  • Perfect size for kids who love imaginative interactive play
  • Created by gifted playground artists, tested by kids
Definitive Apatosaurus
51.25"L x 17.5"W x 24"H