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Do the kids need something different to climb, besides nets and monkey bars? The Crate Climber is perfect. It offers children the challenge to climb multiple levels, all while strengthening their motor skills. Who knew climbing could be so much fun? Made completely of glass fiber reinforced concrete or polymer, this structure is sturdy and unique. This would also make an interesting sign feature for elementary school or park entrances. We can place names, alphabet letters, bas reliefs or anything on it to make it yours. Use it to make a statement and have everyone wanting one for their park. We have many themed play pieces to fit into just about any location. Pair this with several of our balancers and climbers to make an obstacle course!

  • Customized for kids 5 to 12
  • Superior construction, high safety factor
  • Customizable in color, texture and finish
  • Good for climbing and balancing
Crate Climber
Based upon layout