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Take a Break On A Beautiful Butterfly Bench

Add whimsy and charm to your playground, patio, or pool area with this unique Butterfly Bench design from The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas. Nestled within the elegant wings of a delicately detailed butterfly, your guests will be captivated and absolutely enthralled by this awesome bench design. Four seats facing all directions are framed by magnificently designed butterfly wings that create a magical feel that adds panache to the décor plan for themed parks, community or commercial playgrounds and recreation areas, even residential decorating plans are enhanced and beautified by this lovely bench. Crafted by experts in the studios of The 4 Kids, the Butterfly Bench is a true masterwork of park and playground art. Besides the superior craftsmanship and impressive artistry, high quality glass fiber reinforced polymer construction ensures virtually maintenance free durability in all weather. Customized for client preferences, the Butterfly Bench is a perfect addition in any venue.


  •          Expert artists, designers and engineers make up The 4 Kids team
  •          Free initial consult, ongoing project support
  •          Customization according to client needs
  •          The Butterfly Bench is a one of a kind piece of playground art
  •          Virtually maintenance free in all weather
Butterfly Bench
4'10" x 4'10" x 4'