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The 4 Kids Brolga Crane is a meticulous design, crafted by talented sculptors whose creations are realistic and detailed and have admirers looking twice to make sure this work of playground art isn’t a real crane, gazing haughtily about the theme park or playground. Lending an authentic feel and setting the stage for awesome fun and entertainment at any Wildlife or Zoo theme park, water splash park or commercial or civic playground, the Brolga Crane is exotic and fascinating to kids of all ages and adults too.  Durable and lifelike, this crane needs virtually no upkeep, constructed from high quality material that is tough and weather resistant for years of use. Young visitors to your park will love interacting with this amazing playground sculpture from one of America’s foremost playground manufacturers, The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas. If you are working to build your own playground or water park around a wildlife, zoo, or ocean theme, you’ll find the finest playground structures in the extensive gallery of The 4 Kids. 

  • Custom designed playground structures, according to client specifications
  • Safe, durable and realistically designed park features
  • Brolga Crane is a fascinating playground sculpture
  • High fun factor, low maintenance

Use Zone 14'10" x 28'

Brolga Crane
3'1.75"L x 1'4"W x 4'11"H