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Crouching to drink from a pristine water source, the majestic Bengal Tiger catches the eye of frightened prey who quickly flee. That may be the scenario for the real thing, but The 4 Kids Bengal Tiger Drinking Sculpture will have those who spy him taking a closer look as they visit the theme park or water splash pad, family entertainment center, indoor or outdoor playground where he is located. A perfect replica of a real Bengal, this lifelike work of playground art will thrill and delight kids of all ages with the exciting prospect of climbing, crawling, balancing and sitting astride an impressive jungle cat. Crafted by the nation’s foremost playground design team in The 4 Kids Greenville, Texas studio, this big cat is over seven feet long and serves as a one-of-a-kind décor element as part of any playground venue theme plan, but that’s not all. Even sea salt spray, ice, snow and blazing heat conditions won’t mar the superior resin finish of this mighty beast, making it ideal for placement outdoors as well as indoors, for years of high quality looks and service.

  •          Custom designs from The 4 Kids experts
  •          Part of an extensive Zoo collection
  •          American made
  •          Realistic design, exciting for kids
  •          Highest quality, low maintenance
Bengal Tiger Drinking Sculpture
7'4" x 2'2" x 2'7"