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You won't find monkeys in this banana tree.

There’s nothing really special about those border guides or signage posts that we see in lots of public places. They are simply functional, but not really fun.  Unless, of course, they are topped by custom designed sculptures such as this Banana Tree Stool Post Topper, created to make those mundane posts an essential element in setting the tone for excitement at an entertainment venue such as a theme park, restaurant, museum, club or even the zoo.  The Banana Tree Stool Post Topper features meticulously detailed renderings of a banana tree complete with the colorful fruit, supporting a flat surface that comes in handy.  The 4 Kids Banana Tree Stool Post Topper design is the perfect décor element for tropical themed parks or resorts, playgrounds, museums or children’s activity centers.  For adding a fanciful touch to a mundane set of directional markers or border posts, the extensive collection of The 4 Kids post toppers is ideal, including many superior designs like the Banana Tree Stool Post Topper.  As part of the décor at commercial entertainment centers, The 4 Kids post toppers are high quality and long wearing, requiring very little maintenance regardless of the elements.

  •          Custom designed Banana Tree post topper
  •          Expert team of artists and designers
  •          American made play art sculptures
  •          Durable and weather-resistant
  •          Ideal for entertainment venues

Click Here to see this Banana Tree as a Sculpture

Banana Tree Post Topper
19.75" x 19.75" x Post Height