Astronaut / Products

Do you need something really special to rocket up the fun factor on your outer space themed park or playground, something to give kids that exciting interactive play experience that stimulates the imagination?  Have we got a work of playground art for you!  The 4 Kids Astronaut play structure is 6 feet 5 inches of pure adventure, fully outfitted for space travel and ready for a moonwalk.  For little make believers, The 4 Kids Astronaut is a dream-come-true, the star of imaginary scenarios to thrill and delight children of all ages.  So realistic and meticulously detailed, visitors to your fun center will expect your Astronaut to move at any moment.  This fascinating space traveler is the perfect enhancement for parks and playgrounds, and brings a new level of appeal for children’s museums, space exhibits, commercial or community fun centers. Constructed in glass fiber reinforced polymer using high quality, cutting edge design technique, the Astronaut is virtually maintenance free in any kind of weather.

  •          Astronaut play sculpture can be customized for client needs
  •          Need an Astronaut?  Call our experts for a free consult.
  •          Crafted with GFRP for virtually no maintenance
  •          Stimulates developing imaginations and enhances park décor
  •          Completely American made in Greenville, Texas
3'2" x 2'6" x 6'5"