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The Ants go marching one by one...

Ants are everywhere, outdoors, indoors, down low and up high, even on top of posts located at theme parks and playgrounds, as part of an exciting animal themed décor.  The 4 Kids Ant Post Toppers add a mischievous flair that puts the fun in fun center as they march along the posts that guide and direct park goers, kid’s museum guests and even visitors at the zoo.  As part of a collection of delightful animal sculpture post toppers, or as a stand alone work of playground art, this awesome Ant Post Topper is an astonishingly realistic design that makes kids wonder if it is a real ant.  Arranged along a walkway or queue border in the park, the ants add an element of whimsy to enhance a sensational outing at indoor, outdoor, commercial or community play center. Park planners are impressed by the high quality work of The 4 Kids team of playground designers, who strive for superior design and durability.  The ant toppers last for years with very little maintenance and are weather resistant in all conditions.

  • Lifelike design, high quality construction
  • Perfect for theme parks, zoos, fun centers
  • Adds panache to park decor
  • Crafted by team of expert playground artist

Click Here to see this Ant as a Sculpture 

Ant Post Topper
2'2"L x 3'11"W