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Kick up the dramatic excitement in your venue décor with this perfectly replicated Allosaurus Head from The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas, foremost creator of playground equipment and play sculptures to enhance the decorating scheme of every location.  Prehistoric and Dinosaur theme parks, community or commercial playgrounds, exhibit halls, indoor or outdoor fun centers, anywhere there are visitors expecting to be happily entertained, the Allosaurus Head is a natural addition.  Talented designers and artistic geniuses in The 4 Kids studio ensure that each creation is meticulously detailed and custom crafted to meet specific needs of each client.  Tough, long-lasting construction material ensures a high quality, weather resistant finish for low maintenance indoors or outdoors, even though the lifelike design will fascinate and impress visitors who study this masterwork.  Do you have your own ideas for completer pieces for your Dinosaur park or playground?  At The 4 Kids, our creative team will work with you to bring them to life for your park, fun center, school or even home or retail space.


  • Custom designs according to client needs
  • Expert team includes artists and engineers
  • Allosaurus Head is realistic and astonishing
  • Superior craftsmanship and construction material
  • Initial consult at no cost          
Allosaurus Head
1'11" x 1'1"