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So realistic that it takes your breath away, The 4 Kids Allosaurus Head featuring a tooth filled, open mouth is a unique and mesmerizing play sculpture that makes one feel as though he has stepped back into a prehistoric world filled with dinosaurs.  Eyes that bore into those of visitors to themed dinosaur parks and playgrounds and an open mouth displaying a threatening row of sharp teeth poised to attack will thrill and delight youngsters while perfectly rounding out the level of dino-sized fun at indoor and outdoor, community or commercial play centers.  So real looking that he’ll make you jump if you encounter him unexpectedly, this Allosaurus is actually the creation of skilled artisans in the studios of The 4 Kids, constructed using the finest in tough, heavy duty materials to perfectly replicate color and texture while ensuring high quality in any weather and low maintenance for years of use.  Do you envision this fierce countenance joining in the fun at your park?  Then contact us today for a free consultation.


  • Custom designed for specific client needs
  • Authentically rendered with superior, weather-resistant materials
  • Enhances the exciting, realistic décor at a Dinosaur Park
  • Crafted by experts at The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas
  • Resists damage in all weather conditions
Allosaurus Head w/Mouth Open
23"L x 11"W x 28"H