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Make Believe Comes to Life in The 4 Kids Realistic Wigwam Design

Native American life and culture is fascinating for children of all ages, especially those who have the chance to interact on a playground that includes The 4 Kids Wigwam as part of an Old West or Indian Village theme.  High quality and authentically designed, the Wigwam structure will surprise visitors to your park when they learn it is actually constructed of highest quality gfrp for a safety, strength to provide years of make believe fun for imaginative kids. 

Kids enjoy hours of excitement creating a make-believe world of Native families, pow wows and village life in the forests, on the plains and deserts of America as they climb, and crawl over and inside The 4 Kids Wigwam, custom designed by a gifted team of playground experts that includes artists, sculptors and engineers.  The Wigwam is perfect as a theme park feature, a stand-alone shelter in park or playground, or as part of a play setting group.

  •          Free initial consultation
  •          We bring your ideas to life
  •          Perfect as a stand alone play feature or part of a group
  •          Realistically rendered wigwam
  •          High safety factor, low maintenance

Ready to Get Started?

 The 4 Kids Wigwam play structure is designed specifically to provide kids with a unique play experience that couples physical activity with make believe possibilities.  If you think The 4 Kids Wigwam is perfect for your park, playground or exhibit, our team of experts can answer all your questions. 

Dimensions 8'L x 8'W x 5'H

Use Zone 20'L x 20'W


Check out the individual pieces that make up this playground

GFRC Tree Texture

GFRC Tree Texture