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Man the Docks! Pirate's are coming!

Children's imaginations are the best tool there is when it comes to playing. The Pirate's Loft can help with that. This loft can be made to go against the wall or as a stand alone play structure. It is made using gfrc texture along the posts. We can make the posts look as though they've been sitting in the sea with textured faux moss. The planks and stairs are made of cedar wood. The entire loft has a safety net, so there is no worry of little ones falling off the bridge into the seas below. They can climb to the top, run across, and slide back down. Attached to the side is a nifty net climb for those trying to escape from the seas. There is plenty of play space underneath. You could place pillows for children to lean on as they read tales of fantasy and make believe. 

We made a play loft for the Custom House in Boston, Massachusettes to commemorate history in regards to the Boston Tea Party. Children played on the loft and tossed soft pillow "bags of tea" over the side.

  • Hand crafted by talented artists Greenville, TX
  • Customized to fit your play area
  • Many color options available
  • Strict safety standards followed on all builds

Dimensions 12'7"L x 5'W x 8'2"H


Check out the individual pieces that make up this playground

Net Climbing Wall

Net Climbing Wall