Old Miner's Camp / Playgrounds

Calling All Prospectors

Grab your pick axes and get ready to go mining. This old timey looking cabin makes for great imaginative play. Children will be delighted to play prospector as they climb into the "cave" and search for gold. Complete the setting with a few mining carts, some empty or filled with jewels. As soon as they run onto the playground, they will be hopping into the carts ready to whoosh off deep into the mines. Who knows what they will find. Custom work is our specialty, so let us personalize this for you. We can carve names or cave paintings for fun.

This amazing playscape is crafted from glass fiber reinforced concrete. Kids can climb the rocks into the cavern, and find their way up to the miner's hut. There are treehouse windows and the railing comes with safety netting. The 4 Kids takes safety very seriously. We follow all strict safety standards to ensure that every child can have the best play time, and parents will have fewer worries about safety hazards. Once they reach the top, they can slide down the twisty turbo slide back to the bottom. The slide will have a textured look to blend into the rocks. Natural looks are easily achieved with moldable gfrc.

Ready to grab your pick axes and mine for jewels? Call us today to get started on your camp site. 

Dimensions: Customizable

Use Zone: Based on dimensions of playground


Check out the individual pieces that make up this playground

Twisty Turbo Slide

Twisty Turbo Slide