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Twisty Slide and Turrets to Stride Make Kennington Playground A Make Believe Kingdom

The 4 Kids Kennington Playground is a magical setting for kids in the park bringing them back to the days of knights, kings and princesses in peril.  Another custom designed playground from this Greenville, Texas supplier that kicks up the fun factor for parks, Kennington Playground ignites your child’s imagination like no other. Authentically designed with realistic detail, this play structure offers a setting right out of Camelot. 

 The two castle turret enclosures offer shelter for meeting playmates and planning activities, while several slides, a rock wall and decked passageways ensure that no matter what the preference, sliding, climbing, crawling or jumping, toddlers to tweens will love Kennington.  Thrilling for kids, play structures like the ones crafted in The 4 Kids studios also appeal to parents, since the strictest safety standards are built into every feature.  High tech, low maintenance construction materials such as glass fiber reinforced polymer, ensure weather resistance, long life and a realistic, lifelike design that lends itself to placement anywhere.

  • Authentically detailed design
  • Custom created playgrounds
  • Professional support from project start to finish
  • Bright, vivid colors and durable materials
  • For parks, playgrounds, schools, community centers

Does Kennington Playground Have a Place in Your Park?

If your playground project calls for the kind of superior, multi-featured, low maintenance play structure like The 4 Kids Kennington Playground, call our experts today and start your journey to an awesome play experience for your kids.

Dimensions 34'L x 14'9"W x 17'H


Check out the individual pieces that make up this playground

Twisty Turbo Slide

Twisty Turbo Slide