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A Fairytale Forest Tree House

Every kid dreams of living in a tree house in the forest, one crafted just for them. When that very tree house is as close as his or her favorite playground, it is truly a dream come true.  In the studios of The 4 Kids in Greenville, Texas, these dreams are given life every day by talented playground artists, designers and engineers. This treehouse offers a haven for kids that turns theme parks, indoor or outdoor playgrounds, community or commercial fun centers, museums or resorts into Enchanted Fairylands for crawling, climbing, exploring and make believe. Loved by kids of all ages, the Forest Dwelling from The 4 Kids is also favored by park planners, who are impressed with the design team’s adherence to strict safety standards and superior, heavy-duty construction, ensuring years of virtually maintenance free enjoyment and playground fun. Customized for each project, the Forest Dwelling provides a safe and durable, all-inclusive play experience for toddlers to tweens, children and adults everywhere.

  •         The 4 Kids design team includes artists and engineers
  •         High quality construction, virtually no maintenance required
  •         Fully customized playground designs
  •         Initial consult with the experts is free.
  •         Fun and excitement for theme parks, playgrounds, resorts or museums
  •         Raven and other animals are optional

Dimensions 12'L x 12'W x 16'H

Use Zone 24'L x 24'W


Check out the individual pieces that make up this playground

GFRC Tree Texture

GFRC Tree Texture