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U.S. Communities: Making Purchasing Simpler

U.S. Communities is a national collaborative purchasing program, created to make it simpler and more economical for agencies to purchase playground equipment. Where the process is usually a long one that involves sorting through bids from various supply companies, both state and public agencies can benefit from partnership with U.S. Communities. The program allows for government discounts from many suppliers with no bidding process necessary. This saves both time and money, both of which are appreciated by buyers.

How It Works

In order to register with the U.S. Communities program, agencies need to sign up on www.uscommunities.org. It is a free process and using the program is also free of charge. Once the agency is registered and has executed the Master Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing Agreement online, it is possible to begin purchasing playground equipment at a discount. Any agency registered with U.S. Communities can use the program as often as needed.

The 4 Kids provides quality playground equipment for agencies across the country and offers government discounts, as well.