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Unlimited Play: Bringing Communities Together

Unlimited Play, a non-profit organization with a number of awards, was founded to promote fitness and health in communities. This is done by building accessible, inviting playgrounds that can be used by every child, no matter their ability. Unlimited Play fosters understanding and bonding between everyone, with a focus on playing and learning together.

Child Inspired Playgrounds

The founders of Unlimited Play, Todd and Natalie Blakemore, created the first universally designed play area in their town. The playground was originally built for their son, Zachary, who found regular playgrounds challenging. When the new play area became a big hit, the Blakemores knew that there was a definite need for universally designed playgrounds. The couple started Unlimited Play in 2003 and has been providing design aid, plans and playground funds across North America.

Uniting Communities in Play

The 4 Kids is pleased to provide parks and schools across the country with universally designed playground equipment and shelters. Like Unlimited Play, The 4 Kids strives to bring communities together on the playground. While Unlimited Play works with communities to fundraise and plan out new playgrounds that are available to everyone, we strive to offer quality playground products that work in every community. Our products and your plan work to make a better tomorrow for our children.