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SHAPE America: Promoting Active Lifestyles

SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators) is based out of Reston, VA with a focus on “Healthy People – Physically Educated and Physically Active!” The organization is the biggest group of physical education professionals in the country. These professionals are spread across a variety of specialties, including dance instruction, school sports coaching, health instruction, physical education and more.

SHAPE America’s mission is to encourage healthy, active lifestyles by offering members a wide range of programs designed to help them help others. There are a number of resources available through SHAPE America that any health or physical educator belonging to the organization can make use of. The resources and support can drastically improve the health of families and communities across the country.

Active Kids, Healthy Families

Like SHAPE America, The 4 Kids strives to provide families with unique ways to enjoy fitness. When children learn to love physical play and sports while still young, they are more likely to stay fit and healthy throughout their lives. Our products are designed to encourage children to move and play and, in the process, improve their health. The more opportunities children and families have for active outdoor play, the more improvement we see in their health and fitness levels. For children, being active is an essential part of growing and learning. The 4 Kids aims to create amazing play spaces and structures to keep kids coming back again and again.