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Purchasing Contracts: An Easier Way to Buy

The bid process can be a challenge when you just want to purchase playground equipment and get everything set up quickly. Unfortunately, in order to align with state purchasing guidelines, many professionals must use the bid process and may end up selecting lower quality options due to the lower bid. This does not have to be the case if you use purchasing contracts.

Purchasing contracts eliminate the bid process and allow you to buy what you want, when you want it, while still getting the best price. This is made possible because the pricing is set as low as possible when you go through a purchase contract agency. The agency facilitates the entire process and allows you to choose from a range of different product options without having to sort through bids. Yet, you will still meet local purchasing regulations.

You can go through networks like Buy Board, The Cooperative Purchasing Network, and National Cooperative Purchasing Alliance. Each one offers services to those who need to purchase playground equipment without spending weeks on actually placing the order.

The 4 Kids strives to give the best prices for high quality equipment. Our shelters and structures are designed to entice kids to start climbing and exploring, but when you use purchase contracts, you can get an even lower price and still meet all the necessary purchasing guidelines.