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National Center on Accessibility: Playgrounds for Everyone

The National Center on Accessibility has become a leader in the area of accessible parks and recreation. NCA is based out of the Indiana University-Bloomington campus and provides guidance for parks and recreation services around the country. The center has the support of a number of agencies, as well as individuals, including the National Park Service and the Indiana University.

NCA believes that universal design is an essential part of creating a healthy community and encouraging people to stay fit. Everyone has different abilities, be it from an illness, disease or injury and having access to outdoor spaces and parks is part of the rehabilitation process.

Building a Brighter Future through Accessibility

NCA promotes accessible recreational spaces for everyone and has become a valuable resource to park designers and planners, as well as civil engineers, exhibit designers and landscape architects, among other professionals. NCA Education offers programs to educate recreation professionals in all areas of accessibility.

The 4 Kids shares the same vision of providing accessible parks and playgrounds to everyone, no matter what their abilities are. We design our products to fit multiple needs and can create custom products to fit specific spaces and accessibility. From our playground equipment to our shelters, we strive to make them something everyone can enjoy.