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Let’s Move! Fighting Childhood Inactivity

Let’s Move! offers Active Schools, a complete program to enable parents, teachers, and school officials to create active areas in their schools. Let’s Move! believes that every child should have the opportunity to reach physical fitness potential. Once a school has signed up for the Active Schools program, the teachers and parents are taken through the six steps to build a team, devise a plan, get access to free training sessions, materials and grants for activation. Certified experts work with each school to help them reach their goals. Upon completion of the Six Step Process, the school is publicly celebrated.

With grants available to help schools purchase the necessary equipment, Let’s Move! is making it easier for school districts to give kids the necessary time to run and climb and play. Learning takes place when children are active, but only six states require physical education for every grade. In fact, two thirds of students are inactive, despite studies showing that kids who get out and move learn better in class. The Active Schools program is making the dream of getting every kid moving a reality.

The 4 Kids strives to promote physical fitness for all ages and abilities, just like the Let’s Move! Active Schools program. With our unique playground equipment and school yard products, we help schools achieve their goals of a full hour of physical activity on a daily basis for each student. We work with schools to get kids moving and help encourage students to improve their fitness capabilities.