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IPEMA: Third Party Certifications for Playground Safety

IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers) is a third party Product Certification service that serves both Canada and the United States. The organization ensures that all public playgrounds are up to standard and pose no undue risks to the children using the play equipment. IPEMA is focused on providing members with useful and timely information on standards and issues related to the production of playground equipment. The organization also enhances relationships with similar organizations to improve the industry overall, while serving playground equipment manufacturers.

Initiatives for Better Playgrounds

IPEMA is focused on promoting outdoor play and offers resources and information to communities to encourage higher quality play areas. Through The Voice of Play, a sponsored site by IPEMA, parents, children and school officials can learn more about the value of active play. More and more schools are beginning to realize the importance of giving children the opportunity to run and climb. The many benefits of active play include social, emotional and physical improvements in children, as well as cognitive.

The 4 Kids is proud to be a part of this movement toward better playgrounds with more engaging equipment for children to use. We provide high quality, universally designed equipment to foster independence and learning in children of all abilities. Our products are in line with IPEMA standards.