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How the U.S. General Services Administration Can Save You Money

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is responsible for creating commercial contracts with companies that provide services, materials and equipment for a set period of time at a specific price point. The GSA Schedules Program places the orders and the Schedule contractor delivers directly to the end client.

Unlike most other federal government procurement systems, the GSA Schedules Program is very similar to regular commercial interactions. The Schedule Program makes it possible for customers of all sizes to receive the same volume discount prices and delivery. This is available to all customers, no matter where they are located.

The Benefits of GSA Schedules for Procurement Officials

Customers ordering through GSA receive a number of benefits. Pricing has already been negotiated and settled by GSA, making it a simple matter to skip the hassle of dealing with bids. If you follow Federal Acquisition Regulation 8.4, your GSA Schedule orders fit the full and open competition standards. Purchasing through the program reduces delivery times, keeps costs down, and keeps inventory to a minimum.

MAS (Multiple Award Schedules)

Multiple Award Schedules are in place to give customers a range of pricing options from various companies under contract with GSA. This allows customers to choose from a variety of products and services and allows them to find the best option for their needs, keeping administration and material costs in mind.

Multiple Award Schedules conform to the Competition in Contracting Act and the programs are competitive. Any responsible provider may participate and orders that follow FAR 8.4 procedures will result in the most economical alternatives available to fulfill government needs. The 4 Kids has a Multiple Award Schedule through GSA to provide you with the best options to furnish your playground and park.